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Primary Somapony Result

Ebtedayee Somapony Result 2017

JSC Exam Result 2017


Primary School Somaponi Result 2017


Primary school somaponi result has been published on 30 December 2017.

The ministry of education published the result according to their time table.

Primary Somaponi result published in the last part of last week in every December.
Primary somaponi exam was started in 20 November 2017 and ended in 27 November. More than 3 million children appeared this primary final exam.




Primary school somaponi exam is the largest public exam in Bangladesh. The children study 5 years in the primary school and they set for the final exam to admit to study junior level study. When they finish primary education their age reached only 11-12 years old.


The students appear to the primary exam from primary school (general education system) and edbtedayee Madrasah (Islamic religion primary education system). Both are equivalent and the exam is held under the ministry of education, Bangladesh.

You can see the primary school final exam result of all primary school and ebtedayee madrasah here.

Somaponi Result Bangladesh